Why Support Motor Neurone’s Disease Society?

When planning my walk and talk on Alderney on June 5th I decided to support MND because it is one of those conditions which we still know so little about and at present there is little hope for the sufferer. My husband’s mother died from MND only a couple of years before we were married and when I first knew him he was struggling with the emotions of watching his mother suffer, at the same time as coping with the demands of a father with Dementia. If asked which was worse, and no person would find it easy to answer such a question, I am sure that he would say that his helplessness at watching his mother deteriorate, when her mind was still as alert as ever, was painful to the extreme. I remember him talking of the point when he knew that she had lost the will to live. This was when she could no longer even communicate by writing notes to my husband. It was not long after that that she died, my husband racing through the night from a short well needed break on his own in Cornwall, in order to be with her.

Life is tough sometimes and certainly hard to understand at others, but if we could only learn more about this debilitating disease then many would benefit, including those who care for the sufferer.

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