A Blabbering Blog

Not a very flattering title for my post but having two blogs attached to my website have opened up a whole new web world for me.

My Diary Blog www.dianamaryjackson.co.uk/blog/ has given me the flexibility I need in my website. I’m free to post events and updates, including an introduction to my theme blog, whenever I wish to do so. There is also a direct link from the website which means that my main site will only need changing for anything major, like another publication. I treat my diary blog as another page to my website, in fact, but I have total control over its contents. Excellent!

My Theme Blog, this blog in fact, allows me to write about whatever I feel like at the time. At first I felt that it was a burden of yet another thing to keep up to date, but once i’d latched on to the idea that I could run themes over a period of a month or two, it took the pressure off. Then I add the occasional extra blog if something crops up.

Ratings Now, at first it wasn’t all that good, until my neice took me in hand and explained about Tags and Categories. Suddenly it all made sense, that people couldn’t find my blog, let alone read it, if it couldn’t be tracked on Google for example. I’m a novice to all this as you can see, but within a month my readers went up from a trickle to over 500 readers! In fact, I would have given up long ago, since I have had few direct comments, if it hadn’t been the encouraging ability to track my ratings. All thanks to WordPress.

So i’m quite happy with the way my blogs work alongside the website. My topics relate to my writing, places important to my writing and my present theme of reaching out to people through different Media sights. This has opened up a new world for me. It gives me a change from novel writing, to be able to write and publish my posts in a spare hour when other concentration is low, and its also fun.

Of course i’d love to have more comments from people too, but I am content that the effort is worthwhile.


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2 responses to “A Blabbering Blog

  1. Pete

    Hi thought I would leave a comment to say I dropped by after your fcaebook posting x

  2. Thanks Pete
    ELO is spinning through my head now. It’s nice to know i’m not talking to myself. (all of the time anyway)

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