A Facebook Reflection

What can I say about Facebook? Whereas on Twitter my Followers are predominantly ‘strangers’, some of whom admittedly now feel like good friends and I look forward to interacting with them on a regular basis, on the other hand my Facebook contacts are family, friends and people I know though different areas of my life.

At first I found it difficult to write about everyday happenings in my life mixed up with news about my writing until my niece helped me to set up an author page. Although this helped, it still seemed so interconnected to my ‘Diana Jackson’ home page that eventually I set up another page which is just for close friends and family with restricted access. I just have to remember all the passwords!

Truly I have to admit that I have not got the hang of Facebook. It has been great to post a record of events with pictures and newspaper cutting telling the story of the launch of my first novel ‘Riduna’  but I’m not sure what purpose the page serves apart from repeating the stuff I put on my blogs in a more accessible place. It is a way of connecting to family and friends all over the world on one site, and it’s fun to join in a dialogue and connect with several people at the same time, but I have an inkling that I have yet to discover its full potential.

Anyway, if you’d like to join my Facebook Page or my Diana Jackson Author page or even just check it out you’d be more than welcome!

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