The Final Chapter Syndrome

I remarked to my long suffering husband the other day that I was reluctant to write the last two chapters of the novel i’m working on at the moment. I have spent endless hours checking details, carrying out more research, proof reading and rewriting sections but I cannot bring myself to write the end.

My husband’s response was, ‘You were like that the last time’ and that got me thinking as to whether there was any pattern and whether other authors feel the same.

‘It’s like it’s your own private world and you want to prolong living in it,’ he tried to explain and anyone who read ‘Men From Mars, Women from Venus’ will understand me when I say that I wasn’t really asking for a solution, just remarking on a state of my mind.

Having said that I think he’s got a point. The first time I gave the completed version of ‘Riduna’ to friends to read it was like handing over a baby. I know that I will feel a sense of loss as well as a great sense of acheivement when it’s complete, but I suppose it’s that feeling of emptiness which will drive me on to begin the next one. Anyone else out there feel the same?

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  1. Comment left by follower on twitter:
    GrahamTownsend Graham Townsend @
    @Riduna Interesting post. Not one I can relate to as far as writing goes, but in other ways I know exactly what you mean.

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