More book reviews on Alderney

Alderney Annuls by Roger Venne & Geoffrey Allez

What I love about this book is the quotes from historians and travellers back as far as the 16th Century. These bring the island’s history to life with humour giving fascinating facts, detailed lists- for example businesses in 1851, folklore and vivid descriptions of important events, places and people. Its pictures add to the book’s appeal. It is well researched and put together in a readable fashion.

Alderney Annuls by Venne & Allez


Alderney in Old Photographs  By Brian Bonnard

There are several editions of these wonderful books and what a snapshot of past times they are. Brian Bonnard has collected or been given permission to print postcards, copies of watercolour and oil paintings dating back to 17th Century and photos from 19th and 20th Century. Whether it is to observe the way in which areas of the island have changed, new developments, industry over the years, fashion and fun; each picture tells a story of its own.

It is far more than a book of photos, because Brian has also included snapshots of items from the archives and displays in Alderney Museum dating back to the Bronze Age.

I have two of his editions:

Alderney- A Second Collection and the more recent

Alderney in Old Photographs by Brian Bonnard

I love the picture of the lady with the tall black bonnet sitting above Braye Beach on the Butes!

Also available now – Alderney From Old Photographs ISBN 976-1-84868-360-0

When I was over on Alderney in October last year it was certainly still available for sale in the new bookshop. It can also be bought from The Guernsey Society Website (link on the blog roll) too for those of you who are unable to visit the island, although I would encourage you to do so if you can!

 I gather some of the earlier books are collector’s items!

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