The Alderney Society

If you would like a full list of books which I used for my research then there’s one on my blog ‘Researching for Riduna’ but I would just like to mention The Alderney Society here. When I began to research for Riduna, resources for research on the island were scarce, but in the last fifteen years generous members of The Alderney Society have donated books related to Alderney and the Channel Islands to the museum. There is now quite a comprehensive variety of books which I enjoyed browsing through on my last visit. To access these resources you need to join The Alderney Society which only costs £10. Very reasonable I think. The only catch is that you must do so at the museum, which is an excellent reason to pop over to visit the island again, join the Alderney Society and have a refreshing, relaxing break.

This was the write up in the last newsletter which I’m sure they will not mind me quoting

‘Society Reference Library

Over the past year Kate Russell and Su Stewart have been diligently referencing all our library books and pamphlets under the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Our Reference Library is housed in the Society Office, on the first floor of the museum, and contains a huge range of books on subjects relating to Alderney. Many of these books have been donated to the Society since its formation, some are rare and others are now out of print. All members are welcome to use the library, but it is a reference library not a lending library. Please call 01481-823222 if you wish to use the library as the office is not always open. Many thanks to Kate and Su, for what proved to be a time consuming task.’

January Newsletter 2011

I went to a society meeting during my last visit. It was a really interesting talk about the archives, but it was also obvious to me that so many local people care passionately about Alderney and its history and are willing to be involved in the work of the museum in a very practical way. Thanks to them all, the rest of us can enjoy the experience.

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