Riduna -reviews

I am finishing this book review section with a couple of heartwarming emails sent directly to me from a couple of my readers. They made me smile and so I hope you will smile too!  

Review 1: from one of my earliest twitter followers who lives in S America, was born on

Alderney but sister sent the book out from Jersey recently!

Dear Diana                                                                              09/02/2011

 I really meant to wait until I’d finished Riduna but I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying it!  What a lovely story you have written.  I took it to bed last night to start it and much as I like reading I usually am in a coma by the 5th page of even the most thrilling yarns.  Last night I hit page 80 and had to stop myself reading because I wanted to be up early today.  But even then I found myself lying in the dark trying to figure out how you’d written something so wonderfully well that I felt I already knew and liked all of these characters when you had avoided so well any cumbersome long descriptions of each of them.

 Absolutely loving the story and am very impressed!  I didn’t expect to read something quite as good as this and I hope you don’t take offence at that but what you have chosen to write about could so easily have been rather boring.  But this is a page turner, it just goes to show that that phrase doesn’t just have to apply to thrillers.  I want to say a lot more about it but will leave it until I’ve finished it all.  

 It’s plain to see the affection and also the knowledge and understanding you have for a place like Alderney.  


Dear Diana                                                                              10/02/2011

Just finished Riduna.  Less than 2 days and I was occupied for a fair part of today otherwise I would have finished by lunchtime!

 It’s a really lovely book.  So many nice characters but all very realistic.  The feel of community was great but it never felt like Little House on the Prairie or artificial suger sweet in anyway.  Just a really good feel of that time and also of the community on the islands.  Nor was it Mills and Boony thank god! 😀

I felt a real lump in the throat at the end, but then again I am a daft old sod. 😉

Crikey!  You could easily make that the start of a real series of epics if you wanted to.  You’ve created plenty of characters who can grow up and have their stories interwoven.  

 Was very impressed and will definitely read it again.  Got thoroughly engrossed in it.  Looking forward to the next one. 🙂


Thanks so much Vic. Your emails were much appreciated!!

Review 2 from a mother of a colleague:

Hi Diana,

You don`t know me. My name is Elsie, and I am Peter Arnold`s Mum.

I have just read your book “RIDUNA” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will certainly put your name on my list of Authors.

Thankyou for a lovely story.

                                            Elsie Arnold

Anyone else like to add a review? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. A DM from brodiehearnden -another of my early twitter followers who lives in Australia. Thanks Brodie for sending this!
    “I had the pleasure of reading Riduna in December 2009. I absolutley fell in love with all the characters in this book, a beautiful read.”

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