Curious Coincidences

It was while I was researching the historical background for Riduna and my parents continued to discover more information about our family tree that we experienced some strange coincidences.

Curious but True – On one occasion my parents were visiting Guernsey. They had booked up through their local travel agent to stay at a small hotel in St Peter Port. As they visited records offices and studied various census records they discovered to their surprise that the hotel they were staying in was in fact once owned by distant relatives and was the place where my Great Grandfather Jackson lived when he returned to Guernsey a few years before he died.

Even more curious – The coincidences continued a year later when I planned to travel on the slow boat to the Channel Islands. No, not the slow boat to China but close! It takes 7 hours to Guernsey and you are still passing The Isle of Wight an hour out of Portsmouth, but for me it was the closest experience to travelling in the Nineteenth Century and even now it is the only truly reliable link with the mainland throughout the whole winter. (Of course you can travel by Fast Catfrom Weymouth or Poole these days if you don’t want to fly)

I was travelling on my own (Guernsey, in fact The Channel Islands are fantastic holiday destinations if you are a lone traveller!) and so found a Christian Guest House on the outskirts of the town centre, but in easy, albeit hilly walking distance. On continuing my research I discovered that Les Cotills, where I was staying at that time, was once a convent with a nursing home, hospital wing attached and I was astonished to discover that it  was the actual place where my Great Grandfather Jackson died.

How curious is that! 



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3 responses to “Curious Coincidences

  1. Frothy43 Loving Life
    @ @Riduna I love connections like that. Les Cotils is a beautiful spot, such a vantage view point to of the other Islands.

  2. I agree @Frothy. les Cotills is a wonderful place to stay. Friendly, warm and welcoming. The walk through cobbled alleyways by the museum and park and down to St Peter Port is lovely. Well worth the effort of the climb back up, especially on a clear day to see those lovely views.

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