Poignant Parallels – The Wanderlust of Islanders

Are you an islander full of wanderlust or are you just content to live on your island home? Are you living on an island watching planes go by and wondering where they are going to, imagining places the other side of the water or on mysterious distant shores? Do you hallucinate a Big Mac or dream of John Lewis Department Store? (mind you the best burger I ever tasted was at the burger van near Alderney harbour which also sells delicious fresh fruit smoothies to wash down their island reared meat!)

 There is a weird dichotomy between those islanders who hate to leave the island of their birth and those who can’t wait to do so.  Unknowingly I explored this conflict in my novel Riduna, but soon realised that this is as true for today’s islanders as it was in Harriet and Edward’s time (the main hero and heroine of my novel) This desire to explore the world to see what it has to offer and the frustrations at home of isolation and lack of perceived opportunities. And what happens to those who are left behind?

I don’t know whether you watched or are watching the series Island Parish, but what struck me is the universal truth that islanders are a resilient and resourceful bunch of folk, ever creating and recreating opportunities for themselves. They seem to be able to tap into resources from deep within and have an ever optimistic view of life.

Maybe it’s because deep down they appreciate that they live in paradise. After all, it’s what many of us here on the mainland dream of. A place without traffic jams, supermarket queues or large urban industrial estates.

Which are you? Full of wanderlust- content with your island home- or dreaming of living on that paradise isle somewhere?

© Diana Jackson March 10th 2011

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  1. Christine R Very thought-provoking, Diana!
    comment via facebook.
    Thanks Christine

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