Use it or Lose it -Support Your Local Bookshop

I admit to being a book shop addict. I will do anything I can to support and encourage my local bookshop Horatio’s in Ampthill and any I visit in villages and towns across the UK. I love that feeling of  expectation as I enter the store, wondering what titles will catch my eye, or lure me to browse further, read the blurb and purchase, leaving me with the anticipation of hours of pleasure in the coming week.

I love quaint little shops with character and cosy armchairs, but I also enjoy huge stores like Heffer’s in Cambridge or Waterstones at West Quay Southampton. (the moment I saw Riduna on the shelves there was quite amazing and i’m vain enough to wish i’d taken a photo!)  In these mega book stores I can meander along the shelves, being tempted by anything from travel logs to memoirs of visiting angels, or even grab a coffee, a moment of reflection away from the busy streets.

I’m a great believer in shopping locally and support the ‘Use it or Lose it’ campaign.

PS Votes for The Apostrophe Referendum have been counted and the Apostrophe has been won!

Support Horatio’s to see the unveiling of the Apostrophe at 12 noon on April 2nd at Horatio’s Ampthill!

© Diana Jackson March 2011


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3 responses to “Use it or Lose it -Support Your Local Bookshop

  1. I completely agree with you, there is NOTHING better than a bookshop, I love them! I’m really happy to support Horatio’s – especially as it means that instead of sitting in front of a computer for hours on end you can get out and meet people.
    I love to browse books, I love to read little bits, handle them, look at the artwork and appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into creating each one.

  2. I can’t agree with you more Rachel. It would be a far poorer place if the only books available were e books. Having said that, a few of my younger readers said that they would have recommended Riduna to their friends in e format if it had one, because that’s the only way they buy them these days. Each to his or her own I suppose!

  3. Comment posted on Facebook – Tomasz Jag posted on your Wall.

    Tomasz wrote
    “Hakuna Matata Diana!I’m also do not tu much and I prepare slowly to my next travel on Alps.I’m also addict for Bookshops,but mostly I behave there such as in library’s.Not so much money with me now.Maybe soon will be better?Gd.Luck with You!Slowly I grow to wright my book.I need just to find good space for that.Maybe in my tent on the mountains?”
    Diana replied -Sounds a fantastic place to write a book Tomasz but sadly no bookshops there!

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