Legends and Folk Tales – The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter

Many folktales gave me inspiration as I was researching for Riduna.

The most famous is the story of the daughter of the lighthouse keeper who lived with her family at Les Casquets Lighthouse  just west of the coast of Alderney.

According to legend and the poem of the same name by A C Swinburne;  A sailor who happened to be shipwrecked on Les Casquets fell in love with the daughter of the only family living on this little island rock.  (I have recently been called that she was called Rosebud) He persuaded her to marry him and to live on Alderney, but apparently she found it just too busy living in the little town of St Anne and fled back to the lighthouse, where she remained, living with her parents.

The population of Alderney today is not much more than 2,000 rose but it rose to its peak of 5,000 in the mid nineteenth century when the fortresses and Breakwater were being built, with many migrants from England, Ireland and even from as far as Italy. Les Casquets is now of course unmanned.

The island is at present encouraging new people, not only to visit for a holiday, but to take residence. I know i’m a great believer in real shops including book shops, but if you have an online business it would be a great place to base an off shore enterprise, with all the benefits living of on an island away from the rat race. Bliss!

Other people can explain better than I, so if you’re interested here’s a link:

This is Money

By the way, if you don’t know Alderney, Les Casquets is not the Mannez Island lighthouse you see in the article, from which the views are truly wonderful, but they stand on mainland Alderney.


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4 responses to “Legends and Folk Tales – The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter

  1. Gordon Partidge

    As a former Lighthouse Keeper stationed at Casquets (6years),I have often heard the tale of the Keepers daughter,who,apparently had been born and raised on the islet.Her name was given as Rosebud.

  2. Gordon Partridge

    I was the very last keeper to be stationed there and last up the ladder when we left the island

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