Down to the Fairy Glen

This is the last in my folk tales and legends theme blog and it’s quite personal to me because I have vivid memories of walking deep into a woodland glade on Alderney as a child and striding (I was small at the time!) across the stepping stones, crossing a small flowing brook which meandered through the trees down towards the sea. This was my memory of The Fairy Glen on Alderney.

Imagine my surprise last year when a member of the Renier family, who now lives back on Alderney and I happened to get to know through my writing, mentioned the Fairy Glen. I was staying with a party of friends and family at The Harbour Lights last June and it was such a pleasure when the lady (I won’t mention her name without permission) took us on a walk to show us the glen. It was one of the highlights of the trip. Delighful!

My book Riduna includes snapshots of childhood memories too!

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