Happy Cornish Easter in Coverack

                I can understand why Cornwall has inspired artists and writers over the centuries, with its sweeping bays, tiny coves and breathtaking views. It may be a long drive – I could have driven to Southampton, waited for the Aurigny Trilander, arrived at my favourite hotel on Alderney and be drinking a welcome cup of tea long before the time it takes to reach Bodmin Moor, especially on a Bank Holiday, but it was worth the effort to spend Easter weekend in Coverack and, my word, didn’t we choose a lovely weekend.

                I suppose I love The Lizard because it’s off the beaten track. You can still walk along footpaths and hardly pass a soul, sit on cliff tops admiring the views or paddle in the cool waters of the bay with hardly a care in the world.

On Good Friday we helped the good folk of Coverack to make their stone cross on the beach, a wonderful experience

Good Friday in Coverack

to release all those burdens you’ve been clinging on to all year or all of your life for that matter. We’d seen the shadow of a cross in the water at high tide on a previous visit and promised ourselves that we would be there one day. Strangely enough, at lunchtime on Good Friday just after our task was complete, the sky went dark and we had a few drops of rain. In contrast, I only wished I’d woken up in time for the service on the green above the bay on Easter Sunday morning when the villagers met at 6 am to welcome the day, basking in the early morning sun!

During our stay we walked in the footsteps of Daphne du Maurier and Agatha Christie, Winston Graham of Poldark fame and maybe the less well known Derek and Jeannie Tangye whose work I will talk about in a blog all on its own. I picked up a copy of ‘The Shell Seekers’ by Rosamunde Pilcher and I’m surprised I haven’t read it before, but nevertheless I am enjoying it immensely.

It was a refreshing break, even more so because Coverack doesn’t seem to have mobile phone reception anywhere that we could find, and I also avoided the couple of cafes with internet access too.

Yes, it’s good to be back in front of the PC again but, all in all, it does you good to have a complete break!

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