The Wildlife at Wisley RHS

Yesterday we took a trip down to Wisley. I was surprised that it only took just over an hour on the M1 and M25 with the roads clear. Both of us needed a break from jobs around the house and having received a membership to the RHS

Put a Cat among the Alpines

for Christmas I was looking forward to seeing their star garden down in Surrey.

As most gardeners know, it’s a difficult task to have a spectacular display in May. The spring bulbs, even the tulips are now over, and the early flowering plants such as Dianthus are only just beginning to show (in my garden that is). To my mind this is the best time to visit. After all, anyone can have an excellent display in June with Delphiniums and Lupins as a majestic back drop to smaller perennials such as  Geranium and Campanula, which flower in abundance. Then there are the passionate hot flowers of Dahlias, Rudbeckia and colourful bedding plants running through til late August, or until the first frosts.

Wisley was beautifully laid out as we strolled between diverse displays and landscaping. To his credit my husband kept hold of the map, ensuring we covered the most ground with the minimum effort while I gorged in each aspect of the garden, like a five year old enjoying her birthday food, as if really appreciating in for the first time. In fact he even kept his patience as I exclaimed the inevitable ‘we could do that’ without so much as raising his eyebrows.

It's a Duck's Life!


From the alpines to the rock garden, the glass houses packed with exotics to the vegetable and herb gardens; each sight was a pleasure. I can’t recommend Wisley highly enough for anyone who loves gardening, but it was not the plants, or the skilfully laid out flora which encouraged me to click my camera, it was the wildlife.

Like a Fish out of Water

Like a Fish out of Water

I hope you enjoy the snaps as much as I enjoyed the day. They call it ‘A Garden for all Seasons’. It certainly lives up to the title and I greatly look forward to the next visit.

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