Is a blog writer really a writer?

The term ‘writer’ had blurred at the edges with new technology, so has the term ‘published writer’. All sorts of people are honing their skills in producing the written word by starting a blog in an area of their interest.

Because they are doing it for free, does it mean that they are no less ‘writers’?

The topics of these blogs are diverse to the extreme from Travel Logs, Gardening Tips, Thoughts of the Day, Religious Experiences, Writing, Fishing, Saving the Planet or just their little bit of it……… you name it; Someone out there is blogging about it.

A lady I know who, as it happens, was unsure whether she could call herself ‘a writer,’ has spent a year blogging about whatever enters her head. It is witty, poignant, thought provoking …… and she has gained up to 300 readers per post. Remarkable! ( Tales from Lewis Lodge    &      Everyday Life and Faith Rachel J Lewis)

Another lady I know has set up two blogs and a gallery sharing with us her amazing photos; snapshots of moments in life which she has captured whilst working on the small island of Dominica (A Day in the life of Dominica last post August 2010) and now more recently in Uganda (Ella Rhychlewski’s Portfolio & A Picture a Day -Uganda). Her following is now enormous, and her collection of photos and comments seem to encapsulate the essence of these far flung places; far flung to me, but not to those who live there.  My belief is that the populace could be flattered by her daily commitment to celebrate their everyday lives and scenes. She writes her posts in a batch, with timed daily publications so that it does not become a chore, and well deserves her following of over 1,000 readers on some days.

One day these two ladies will be snapped up by a journal  or some kind of publication and will be paid for what they do. Meanwhile, what a wonderful portfolio of evidence of their ability they are collecting for all the world to read.

Not only are both ladies successful writers in that so many people like to read or view their work that but they enjoy it and surely that’s what writing is all about?


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6 responses to “Is a blog writer really a writer?

  1. sportsattitudes

    You pose a simple but interesting question. I never once doubted I was a writer even while blogging for “fun.” Now that I am developing a business where writing is the primary focus I better be a writer! Nonetheless, I consider anyone who writes something down and hands it off to an audience or one or one thousand a writer (outside of a to-do list of course!). I’m not sure I would consider a keeper of a secret diary a writer, but if there is someone else destined to see what you’ve noted and it meets the criteria of fiction or non-fiction as opposed to a secret journal or a simplistic list of things to do…that to me is credential enough to call yourself a “writer.”

  2. Yes I agree with you. Anyone who is writing and gaining a regular audience in my view is a success at that type of writing. The question came to me when I listened to a lady’s doubt about whether she could call herself a writer. It set me thinking. It’s an exciting world out there for opportunities of linking to people. Who knows where it will lead?

  3. sportsattitudes

    Real life example just today. I started blogging again some time ago…someone started following the posts on Twitter. We exchanged “life status” info…next thing you know this fellow has me in touch with someone who as of today I will be doing business with. You are so correct about “who knows where it will lead!”

  4. That is the question, as people venture out into their chosen field of interest, be it writing or photography, some will do it for fun and to share and some will build up a career out of it. The welcome for the ‘professionals’ is mostly good but here and there you do hear comments about amateurs stealing the business.
    I think the beauty of the blog is that at the end of the day you get to do what you love and do it, primarily, especially at first, for your own personal satisfaction. And usually things are never better than when you do them because you simply love to do it, because it usually means you, maybe unwittingly, will be at your best. 🙂

    • Now that you see professionals like news reporters for example blogging, on twitter and on facebook you realise the impact on the world of journalism. The real professionals embrace social media networking and don’t scoff. Keep up the good work Ella. Lots of people enjoy your posts and the most important element is that you do too. It shows in your enthusiasm!

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