Has the pause button been pressed in your life?

Do you ever feel that someone has pressed the pause button on your life? Maybe you’ve pressed it yourself to have a breathing space. What do you do?

  1. Engage in frenetic activity to make it work again?

We are always striving to make things happen; to achieve success in our work or writing, to visit another fascinating place, to enjoy expanding our cultural and artistic experiences. We feel that it is due to our efforts that success, happiness or fulfilment in our lives is achieved, but is it?

Or do we


  1. Let go and if you have faith ‘let God’?

Now that’s easier said than done, whether you are a person of faith or not. It is a strong person that can feel their whole persona shed the burdens and just let fate take over. Scary!

                 That’s just how I feel at the moment. Paused. Not stopped, just on standby. Waiting. Sometimes not so patiently. It was interesting to read the blog ‘What’s your blogging rhythm?’ which asks the question ‘Have you lost yours?’

                Today I feel as if my blogging brain has been put on pause. I have a mountain of topics ready to tumble out of my thoughts and on to my screen but the timing isn’t right. My brain is like a tv on standby. It’s empty and quiet; waiting for the green button to be pressed once more.

                Once it’s been pressed, then it will be impossible to stop the flow of exciting new ideas and themes. Just thinking about them fills me with anticipation and pleasure, driving away the light headed emptiness.



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5 responses to “Has the pause button been pressed in your life?

  1. Yes, I do feel that at times, sometimes it can happen over the space of a week, sometimes it extends over a longer periods of time. Blogging is something I seek to do regularly, but occasionally I get out of the habit of it and it takes an extra special effort to get it back going again.

  2. Just writing about how I felt seemed to release me somehow. It’s hard to explain. All the best

  3. Just a couple of comments from facebook and twitter:

    alanfuller1 Alan Fuller
    @riduna It’s about focus, I think. Your blog has such a wide aperture it takes focus to zoom in & frame a subject that clicks 2 blog about?!

    Christine Rychlewski commented on your post.
    Christine wrote “I’m feeling more like “fast forward” at the moment…”

  4. Jim

    sometimes it can be scary not knowing if the person who pressed ‘pause’ might forget to come back to press ‘play’

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