Why do I love Alderney?

I am going to finish my present holiday theme and try to answer a question a lady posed to me at the end of my talk at Flitwick Library.

 ‘Jersey has its Jersey cows and rich cream and Guernsey its WW2 history, so what makes Alderney special?’

A tough question. Alderney doesn’t have countless museums, forts and galleries to visit but its museum is very interesting, with an array of artifacts telling the island’s story and it is surrounded by magestic fortresses which overlook each inlet and sandy beach. 

There are no ‘attractions’ like the Pearl Centre, stately homes or flower farms and yet the variety of trips offerred by The Wildlife Trust to the visitor to experience Alderney’s sealife, wild life and natural history are varied and both fascinating and enjoyable. Watch out for their puffin webcam on the Visit Alderney website. For those who love to fish, walk or swim in the sea it’s a beautiful island, not to mention to enjoy good local food and the friendly ambiance of the community.

So, what do I love about Alderney which makes me return time and time again? What puts a tear in my eye as the Auringy Trislander leaves on my day of departure and I face returning to a world of traffic jams, noise and pollution and hypermarkets when it takes you ages to do your shop?

That’s just it!  Alderney, unlike Jersey and Guernsey which boast of so much (and rightly so) is a place to escape the rat race, to abandon stress, to amble about with no fear of traffic or road rage, just a gentle pace of life where I can leave the world behind. It’s just so lovely and it’s only a hop away!

Corblets Bay

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