Albion Writers’ Group lives on!

Last night we held the third meeting of our fledgling writers’ group in Ampthill. Each session has been quite different with an average of half a dozen of us attending and a total of 10 of us who have shown an interest. At first we are just getting to know each other but since each week we have had new members, all of us have had a chance to explain what we do and give an update on how our various projects are progressing.

Our group includes novel writers, writers of non fiction, script and speech writers, games producers, blog writers, editors, freelance writers, a journalist and a song writer. (Some of us have more than one hat!) One of our new members last night asked what the purpose of the session was and some wanted more structure, for example reviewing one of our member’s writing during the next meeting. This we have agreed to do.

Apart from this one set task, there was a consensus of agreement that the main purpose of the group is encouragement. Writing can be an extremely solitary task and it is such a relief to meet with like minded people and share our successes, expertise, experiences and just as important our frustrations.

Writing is rewarding, all consuming and an absolute pleasure at times and I got the impression that, like me, most of the group felt priviledged to be able to spend a certain amount of their lives letting their creative imagination flow so constructively, but we all agree that we also need endless patience and at times we also need to be pretty thick skinned. That’s why a supportive group is so fantastic.

Next meeting at The Albion, Ampthill in the back room at about 7.30pm on Wednesday Auguest 10th.


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2 responses to “Albion Writers’ Group lives on!

  1. I’m certainly loving being part of it. Thank you for all the work you do organising it! xx

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