Book review – Atonement by Ian Mc Ewan

For my final book review in this series I have chosen the more recent ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan.

Why does this shine above the numerous books I have enjoyed in the last couple of years? It’s becasue it  had an almost a physical impact on my psyche. The story tells of the passion of first love counteracted by the obsession of unrequited love leading to actions which have far reaching consequences.

The plot itself was gripping enough, but what struck me as superb and worthy of adding to my small list of personal all time greats is the twist in the tale as the writer becomes a character and reveals the power of an author to rewrite history and to choose an ending which gives her the greatest peace. Atonement is not only a brilliant novel but the title, in just one word, sums up the story to perfection.

I’ve always felt privileged that as I write I can shape the destiny of my characters, although I often feel that they weave through my imagination to shape their own, but it was only on reading Atonement that I met this truth head on; that I too have the power at the tip of my fingers to wing over the keys and alter the destiny of my characters in a moment.

I also enjoyed the film recently and was equally enthralled by it, so much so that I must go back and reread the novel. Please forgive the state the novel is in from the photo of my book shelf. I recall that I bought it at the local church fair on the WI stall!

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