i pad i phone i pod Oh yes BBC i player

As I read various tributes to Steve Jobs today I have to confess to not owning an i pad, i phone or any other i product. I’ve never been to i tunes to download my favourite music and I’ve never listened to an i pod in order to judge the quality of sound. (I’ve been converted back to vinyl by my husband and there’s nothing like listening to my old albums on a high performance  record deck)

I don’t even own a Kindle; not yet anyway; a totally different company, I know.  Although, when seeing a member of the Albion Writers’ Group using his i pad with alacrity last night, I must admit to feeling a few pangs of ‘coveting thy neighbour’s’!

I’ve just remembered that the one i  product I have used is BBC i player. An excellent service that is too!

The chord that struck most about these tributes is that it takes someone’s death for our attention to be focussed on the man behind the gadget, rather than an accolade to the technology itself. Instead we compare features and benefits, upgrades and applications and we’re always on the lookout for the best deals.

The popular saying goes that ‘behind every successful man is ………………

Well, I’d like to add my tribute to say than behind every advance in technology is an inventor; a visionary who stretches the boundaries of current thinking to new heights.

My next blog will be ‘Other unsung heroes’

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