Celebrating Success with PC Problems!

With Blackberry failure in the news recently and problems with Apple I’d just like to celebrate with you two rare moments of success with IT issues:

1. For over a month I was having problems with Microsoft Word and as a writer, that’s bad news. Nevertheless I was reluctant to do anything or solve it for several reasons:

  • Downtime
  • Frustrated hours of grappling with
    issues I know so little about
  • The fear of defeat and having to call
    in an expert

It was one of those niggles where it took about six pop ups before Word would open for me and then various tools didn’t work including, Thesaurus, Dictionary, Find and Replace…. I’m sure there were more but anyway I limped on without them, working my brain even harder than usual to proof read without technical aid.

Then one day I set aside a couple of hours, took a deep breath and rummaged for my Microsoft office disc. I popped it in and waited until I was asked to choose the following options:

Would you like to:

  • Repair
  • Remove
  • Replace
  • Update

Without hesitation I clicked on ‘Repair’ and left my machine churning away for a while. Low and behold it repaired it. No problems! Wow!

2. My second issue was with my printer, which, after when disconnected for my library talk decided not to listen to my PC. It is the best printer I’ve ever had – a Kodak – which is not only good quality but very low on ink use – Excellent. Anyway, feeling brave after my recent success with Microsoft Word, I found the appropriate disc and inserted it. It whirled for a few minutes, looked as if it was installing something and then, with that infuriating green line about half way along, it stuck. I went away to Hoover the hall and came back and it was still stuck. I went to make a cup of tea – the same. In the end I realised that the whole computer had
frozen. Nothing for it but to turn the machine off but I was furious with myself when I received the warning that I was likely to lose my unsaved work.

I know.There’s no need to remind me.

I left the PC in a huff for a quarter of an hour and then turned it back on. First I checked the printer and it now worked. Then I checked my unsaved documents and Microsoft had kindly saved an unsaved updated version. Bingo! That deserved a toast of the alcoholic kind!
How it did it I shall never know.



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2 responses to “Celebrating Success with PC Problems!

  1. Isn’t it funny how we have to become our own techies just to get things to work for us? I used to be a ‘system restore’ girl. Don’t know how many times I used that option. When in doubt, load stories onto flashdrive and away we go!

    • You sound far in front of me. I just muddle through but when it goes well i’m over the moon. Mind you, when I talk to colleagues at work I realise just how much I have grasped over the last couple of years.

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