My Alderney Room

Most people have a spare room but we have an Alderney Room. On the walls are two framed prints of Alderney by a local artist Ray Elsworth, bought on the island when he had a shop at the bottom of Victoria Street opposite The Victoria Hotel. The one above the bed is of Braye Beach looking towards the harbour; the iconic view of Alderney everyone remembers after their visit. The second print is of Arch Bay next to Corblets, looking out over the rocks towards Mannez Lighthouse. They are two of my favourite spots on the island.

Also on the wall is an Alderney clock, not unique to the island I know, but nevertheless reflects the timelessness of both the island and its people with its hands pointing to ‘oneish, twoish, threeish etc. There is a shop at the top of Victoria Street which sells only these clocks. We went to buy a clock at the end of our visit a year or so ago and there was a message in the window:



Since we would be flying out just a couple of hours later that afternoon we called the number and the kind gentleman was with us within fifteen minutes. How’s that for service. Excellent!

 My most recent purchase was puffin coasters for each  of the bedside cabinets. I’ve never yet seen the puffins of Burhou except on the web cam on the Visit Alderney web site. Don’t get excited because the lady in the gift shop where I bought the coasters informed me that the puffins arrive in March and leave by the third week in July each year. Often on the same day. Amazing! We must arrange a trip to coincide with a boat trip around Burhou on our next visit. (As a child I believe we only stayed on Alderney in August so that we were on the island for Alderney Week – another highlight of the Alderney calendar)

If I’m stressed at the end of a difficult day, or I am in need of clearing my mind, I pop into our Alderney Room just for a few moments and it soothes my spirit and gives me inspiration.

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