Horatio’s Bookshop Ampthill – One of my favourite shops


The unveiling of the apostrophe

I pop into Horatio’s whenever I am in Ampthill. It is conveniently next door to a cafe where we like to treat ourselves to breakfast from time to time to make a Saturday morning feel like a holiday. This is its third year and hopefully it will survive the storms of the recession and the ever growing competition from Amazon and the ebook market.

I like Horatio’s. I love to rummage through the shelves of books to see what’s new. Not being a large chain, Rob and his son have free discretion in their selection. How they do it I don’t know, but they certainly must have a passion for books. These ‘New Books’ shelves (as opposed to new bookshelves) are as you enter the shop, but if you can’t find anything there, or your budget is low, there are also shelves of good quality second hand books for you to browse over too; a book lovers dream with comfy chairs where you can relax while you are making your choice.

My only problem is getting back into the cafe before my husband eats my breakfast or it has gone cold!

To make it even better Rob has a points system, so if you return your books in good condition he gives you points towards a future purchase. It’s a win – win situation.

So, this year, when you are wondering whether you can face Milton Keynes for your Christmas Shopping, give a thought to Ampthill and try shopping locally. After all, many of us were forced to do that very thing because of the bad weather last year and there are some  brilliant little shops in Ampthill, overflowing with gifts, and what better thing to buy than a book.

Tonight, Sunday 27th November, Horatio’s and other shops will be open late as they turn on the lights in this lovely traditional market town. Why don’t you join the fun and pop into Horatio’s and say hello.

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