The Bookshop Alderney – Annie’s place

In my last of my theme of my favourite bookshops I return to Alderney.

I was sad the day I heard that ‘The Alderney Bookshop’ in Victoria Street had closed down

The Old Alderney Bookshop

but within a year a new bookshop opened was opened by Annie, but this one is in QE11 Street, a cobbled street just off the main thoroughfare. Here is a link to The Bookshop website where you can see pictures of the friendly interior and Annie herself.

In with the new - The Bookshop Alderney

Here is a photo of QE11 street in fog by Neil, a local photographer, which you can buy as an unusual Christmas Card.

The bookshop is not to be missed if you visit the island, because it holds a good selection of books of local interest as well as being well stocked with suitable ‘holiday reads’ for the duration fo your stay, as you pause to enjoy the various beauty spots on the island and its beaches, or  you relax at your hotel, B & B or accommodation.

For local people I expect that Annie’s bookshop is a lifeline to literature, for those who have not joined the e revolution. Even if you have,  there’s nothing like a browse around a bookshop to whet your appetite for the latest releases and also enjoy a friendly chat.

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