Christmas Ode to Writers Everywhere

Switch off Twitter and turn off feeds to your phone

I know it’s really tempting but leave your blog alone.

Meet your friends in person and to facebook turn your back

Give your famly in Australia a call. Now who had thought of that?

Click save on your documents making back ups on your cloud

Leave your imagination in your mind; your family will be proud.

Turn back to the real world and put writing away

Be mother, sister, brother, spouse if only for a day.

I could not resist just one more blog before the festive season but I thought it would be good for us writer’s to bear a thought for all those who put up with us all through the year!!!!!!!

Have a great Christmas!

best wishes


(PS When I bought the tree home my husband laughed.

‘We’ll have years to grow out of it,’ he said.)




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2 responses to “Christmas Ode to Writers Everywhere

  1. Nice reminder, and adorable little tree!

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