Frivolous Flying Facts No 3 The First Water Closet in 1913

I was amused to read that the first Water Closet, (toilet) on an aeroplane was as far back as 1913. I really don’t like to think about what happened before this time, since records show numerous serious ‘firsts’ preceding this momentous and in my opinion essential advancement in the History of Aviation.   According to The Guinness Book of Air Facts 1977 here are just a few of them:

  • The first woman pilot in 1909.
  • The first man to drop missiles in June 1910. He was dropping dummy guns on the shape of a battleship shown by marker buoys.
  • The first mail carried in flight in August 1910.
  • The first aeroplane to land on a ship in November 1910.

………………………………………………….. There are so many more. Fascinating!

If you have any frivolous facts about flying then please let me know.

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My last frivolous fact in this series is a bit of a funny story, coming up next Monday.

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