A Ferry Good Way to Travel!

Why is there no ferry service to Alderney today?

If there was one would you use it?

I am collecting views of people I know to put in my next post but what do you think?

Why is Alderney the only Channel Island (of those you can visit anyway) that you can only travel to by plane, unless you have a private yacht?

I am one of Aurigny’s greatest fan. I love flying to the island but wouldn’t it be great to have an alternative?

In the days when Harriet, my main character in my novel Riduna and namesake of my Great Grandmother, lived on the island of Alderney back in the late nineteenth century there was a regular passenger steam ship from England and between the islands of Guernsey and Alderney. If you want to read more about the history of steam ships to Alderney follow the link: http://www.kingswearcastle.co.uk/Alderney.htm

Flight by sea plane was rare to Alderney in the early 20th century although a few landed, some in trouble. It is worth getting a copy of A History of Aviation in Alderney Edward Pinnegar for details of these exciting times  but it was 1935 when a land based aerodrome first appeared on Alderney especially for passengers staying at The Grand Hotel.

Flight to Alderney made sense. With trecherous waters surrounding the islands flying soon became the preferred option but what about now? With superfast vessels which slice through waves like a hot knife cutting icecream wouldn’t it be great to have the choice.

Peter Annereau from The Alderney Press asked me to write an article on the matter, which I rushed to him yesterday, and I have already had some wonderful responses from my trusted friends on facebook but, if you have any opinions on the matter, it would be great if you could drop me a line and I’ll pass your thoughts on to Peter.

If you wish to send me an email rather than leave a comment then that’s fine too but could you give me permission to publish it please? dianariduna@yahoo.com

Or you could tweet me at ‘@Riduna’ or visit my facebook page

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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