Most of us Think it is A Ferry Good Idea

It has been fun collecting stories and opinions about a possible ferry service to The Channel Island of Alderney, but if you are reading this and you are not quite sure where Alderney is, it is the third largest Channel Island after Jersey and Guernsey but it is also both the closest island to the UK and to the French Coast, situated just off the Cherbourg Peninsula.

There was an excellent article about Alderney written by Ian Vogler in the Mirror recently. Here’s a link if you’d like to know more:

Alderney: A short hop from Southampton

Here are the responses to my question:

Do you think a ferry service to Alderney would be a good idea?

Jan Yes, I would. Providing it was a fast one. You wouldn’t need a car ferry, as it’s a small island. A super fast passenger ferry would be simply wonderful!

Vic Hi Diana. Definitely think there should be a ferry service to Alderney on a regular basis. On and off someone starts something up but it tends to only be seasonal and pretty irregular. The island is more of a hassle to get to now than it was when it was 40 years ago when I was a kid! Connections used to be so much better. We even had the Condor hydrofoil several times a week as well when I was a kid.

Peter I think it’s a good idea… I’m fairly sure there is something happening, I think they did have some sort of foot passenger service.

Sarah Gorgeous tranquil island, I could stay for a month!!

Ronald It’s a long jump from Manchester though 😉

Jan The long jump would have to be on a short break. Day trips to zoom across would be fantastic.

Arthur A ferry is a good idea. I’d rather go to Alderney by ferry than fly but I wish there was somewhere to do ballroom dancing there.

Christine I didn’t know there was a direct ferry from France. I’ll have to look into it.

The only negative response was a wonderfully graphic story from Heidi who tells of a childhood memory she’d really rather forget!

Heidi I remember unforgettable (regrettably) sailings on the Commodore Queen/ Island Commodore which transported us to Guernsey when we went once a year with the Salvation Army to sing/recite/perform timbrel displays at Clifton Hall in St Peter Port as part of the Youth Councils. One year it took a full six hours to sail from Alderney to Guernsey…..felt more like a lifetime….through the most hideous seas. The boats (which were mainly used for transporting freight and took passengers as a bit of an extra) had no stabilisers (to speak of) and on this occasion not only wallowed from side to side and tossed from bow to stern but simultaneously cork screwed its way through mountainous waves. We were advised to stay below and so couldn’t escape the foul odour of everyone else being sick which naturally had its knock on effect. When we came to stand on Clifton Halls’ platform (stage) which sloped anyway…I swear we all were still swaying as we performed (they probably thought we had been at the Bevy….which as we were below the age of ten and members of the Salvation Army was unfortunate! The journey was as close I have ever come to being in Hell on Earth! Give me a plane any time. If however it was on one of Condors Slow Ferries which seem to plough through gale force winds/seas with barely a sashay and if I could book a cabin in which to lie down….then maybe yes I would be tempted….otherwise no.

Well Heidi, I am assured that the ferry in question would be modern, quick and would hopefully slice through waves with no problem. So in summary, the majority of us think a regular passenger ferry service would be a great idea!

Many, many thanks for all your responses! If you have any more thoughts to add to this debate then please drop me a line here, on Facebook or on Twitter.

I’ll keep you posted if there is any more news. Watch this space.

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