RMS Titanic ~ In memory of local crew members

14th April 1912

Everyone knows the story of the fateful demise of RMS Titanic on 14th April 1912, but I would like to make a special remembrance today, for all of those people in Southampton and the surrounding area, including Woolston, who lost a member of their family that day, since large numbers of the crew were local to the port.

It is likely that there were few communities, streets and homes in the area untouched by this tragedy.

I am sure that the whole country was saddened by the loss one hundred years ago today, but I am also sure that they were astonished by the news that this invincible ship had been lost in such a devastating manner.

It seems fitting that Southampton should launch its new Sea Museum at the time. For more information click on the link:

Sea Museum Southampton 

Click on the following for information about local events related to the Titanic’s links with Southampton.

Click on the illustration for Wikipedia:

Diana Jackson

14th April 2012

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