Recharging the literary batteries in Sunny Cornwall

Porthleven Harbour

Everyone needs a break and when you have a full life teaching and writing, not to mention blog writing, tweeting and keeping up to date with facebook, sometimes you just need to stop!

We headed down to Cornwall on Maundy Thursday so that we were able to join the group building a stone cross on the beach at Coverack on Good Friday morning. Friday arrived in stunning sunshine and, whether you have faith or not, I have rarely taken part in such a cathartic experience. As you place each stone on what will be a cross; each one heavy or light, multicoloured, many facetted, smooth or with sharp edges, you are literally naming and laying your burdens down, one by one; each named, thought about and then let go. What a moving way to start a break.

Totally relaxed by then, we enjoyed the hospitality of hot cross buns and then just sat on the beach reading and taking in the view. It wasn’t bikini weather but it was still lovely. 

On Saturday we went to Penzance and then headed towards Porthcurno, my husband’s favourite beach below the Minack Theatre, and as we drove down the single track roads, with passing places, the car started playing up. Instead of fretting, it being bank holiday and no garages would be open, I bought a bikini, (for a spare pair of knickers in case we were stuck!) and then headed for the beach. It was overcast and windy with a glimmer of sun, but we took our chairs anyway. 

We didn’t sit for long, because quite a crowd soon gathered, and soon a helicopter arrived. A group of people were stranded on the rocks between us and the next cove and we watched in awe as each was rescued, either by the helicopter or from a launch from the lifeboat which had also arrived.  I can only have complete admiration for all those involved in the rescue. We are so fortunate that so many are willing to carry out these rescue missions, many of them volunteers. The spectacle was complete when the helicopter landed on the sand to drop the people off!

So, if you see a lifeboat collection or for air sea rescue, be generous. Next time it might be you or someone you know.

Back to our poorly car, it limped back to Helston, where we were staying, so we were not stranded after all and, after a day walking along the coast in the Easter Sunday sunshine, we resorted to the efficient public transport on the Monday and, despite the rain found our way to St Ives through a combination of busses and trains. Quite an adventure.

On Tuesday morning we found a friendly garage in Helston to fix the car and meanwhile caught the bus to Porthleven Harbour, where we ambled about until we had the call the say it was fixed. I must mention the Ship Inn at this point, a wonderfully oldie worldly unspoilt pub overlooking the harbour entrance. We sat outside in a suntrap, a sheltered corner enjoying a couple of ginger beers. A perfect end to a stress free break!!!!!!!


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2 responses to “Recharging the literary batteries in Sunny Cornwall

  1. Vic

    And I quote … “I bought a bikini (for a spare pair of knickers in case we were stuck)” … what disaster were you anticipating Diana? :O … 😉 Heh … Sounds lovely by the way. 🙂

    • Hey Vic. Good to hear from you. I thought we might be stranded down in the cove for the duration of the Bank Holiday until we could get our car fixed. It was certainly a delightful place to be stranded though! Since it limped and choked its way back to Helston where we were staying it was fine.

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