A Terrific Time with Technology

Yesterday was my mother’s 80th birthday and since we have family all over the world, and many family in the UK were also unable to travel very far, she was happy to have a quiet celebration at our house. We were wondering how to make a gathering of the select few of six of us extra special when my niece came up with a grand idea.
With only a week to go we emailed family from France, Australia and the UK to ask if they were able to make a quick video for mum. My niece collected them in a folder, amongst photos which were sent and then my mum’s brother and wife, who had only just returned from holiday suggested talking on Skype instead.
Mum had never used Skype before and I had never connected with my aunt and uncle in Sydney on Skype, and so it was a bit nail biting, but at 8pm technology did not let us down and there they were.
Now, mum had not seen her brother for over 14 years and so, as you can imagine, she was quite emotional about it all. They had set the alarm for 5am their time, and so it was wonderful the way it all came together.
After champagne and cake my niece showed all the video clips from France, Australia and the UK: daughter, son-in-law, grandson, nephews, cousins and friends. Mum even tried to speak to them as she did with her brother.
Suddenly our home was full of love for someone very precious to us all!!!!


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2 responses to “A Terrific Time with Technology

  1. What a lovely event you created there Diana. The fact that the whole family came together (in what ever way they could) to make it happen must have meant the world to your Mum. Technology is a wonderful thing…..and Skype is truly miraculous!! Your account of Mums special day really brought a lump to my throat. Wish we could have had this all available for our own Mum and Dad when they were alive. Photos were nice but not quite the same!!

    • Yes it was lovely Heidi. I’m sure you treasure memories of your mum and dad in different ways. Your dad fishing over near Saye Bay on Alderney, maybe?
      all the best

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