The Queen Visits Alderney

I could not let the celebrations pass without my own tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s several visits to Alderney before and during her reign.

Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh first visited Alderney in the Channel Islands in 1949, three years before her succession to the throne. Here is a three minute video via the BBC archives.

Princess Elizabeth visits Alderney 1959

It was over thirty years until she returned in 1978. Here is a link to a photo of her on the Breakwater with Prince Philip:

Queen Elizabeth on Alderney in 1978

The queen did not leave it so long until her next visit in 1989, when she was transported apparently in a Ford Escort!

Following her last visit in 2001 there was an Alderney coin made to commemorate her 75th birthday. If you click on the coin you reach the page where you can buy it.

2001 - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - 75th Birthday

There is an amusing article in the telegraph explaining why the Queen was unable to travel in her usual Rolls Royce and how the chosen car was swapped at the last minute so that it did not clash with her dress: 

Queen swaps Rolls Royce 

Royalty was also occasionally seen in Harriet’s day, the main character of my novel ‘Riduna’ set on Alderney in the late nineteenth century. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited Alderney on 9 August 1854. Rue Grosnez was renamed Victoria Street in commemoration of this visit and they were the first official passengers on Alderney’s light railway service.

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