Good News! Ancasta will be launched 7th July 2012!

I can finally announce the good news that my second novel:

Ancasta – Guide me Swiftly Home

which will be launched on:

 Saturday 7th July 2012

Why Ancasta?

Ancasta was a Roman Goddess of the River Itchen in Southampton, UK to whom travellers prayed to guide them swiftly home to the port of Southampton. Since my novel flows out of the river to Southampton Water, The Channel Islands and beyond, this seemed a fitting title.

Ancasta is the second in The Riduna Series and it tells the story of the next generation of Harriet’s family, who lived in Woolston, Southampton between 1910 and 1920. It is an auspicious period in Woolston’s history, with the development of flying boats, the opening of Supermarine and the Schneider Trophy,

but as each member of the family play quite different, and in most cases less documented, roles in the Great War, no family is spared loss. The beautiful island of Riduna continues to have influence on Harriet and members of her family, and I see it as almost another character in its own right.

Ancasta can be read alone, but for anyone who did not read Riduna, the first in the series, it will be available too.

This time though, as well as promoting both as real books, they w

ill also be available as e books throughout the world.

In the next few weeks, towards the launch, I will share background information about the novel, but in particular pay tribute to the many people and organisations who have helped me with my research and supported me throughout this exciting journey.

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