A ‘Bookiful’ Weekend of Events!

If you have not been lucky enough to have tickets for the Olympics and you want a change from watching events on the TV then come along and say hello at one of my fun events next weekend.

1. ‘Bookiful’ Event Number One!

WHEN? Friday 3rd August at 7.30 pm, pray for a fine evening please!

WHERE? Weston Shore Southampton,

Meeting near the Pitch and Put – No firing golf balls in our direction please!!!!

WHAT? Book reading and Picnic.  A relaxing time to listen to appropriate extracts of my two novels Riduna and Ancasta Guide me Swiftly Home, a little talk and amusing anecdotes, followed by plenty of time for a chat and some wine. 

I have watched many a ship, ferry, sailing boat or cruise liner sail along Southampton Water from Weston Shore over the years, especially when I was a child and so, for me and my characters, Weston Shore represents emotions stirred by loss, yearning and hopefulness!

For more information visit the Weston Shore Society Blog

2. ‘Bookiful’ Event Number Two!

WHEN? Saturday 4th August 11.00 to 12.30

WHERE? The Herald Offices, High Street, Hythe (Not to be confused with Hythe in Kent, this is just over Southampton Water)

WHAT? Book signing event and saying hello

We will enjoy a trip over on the Hotspur from Southampton in the morning to reach the pier and little train (if we are feeling lazy) or walk through Hythe to the High Street

3. ‘Bookiful’ Event Number Three!

WHEN? Saturday 4th August 13.00 to 14.30

WHERE? Spinnakers Bar on Calshot Spit

WHAT? Book signing event and saying hello 

A group of us will enjoy a meal here but I will be happy to have a chat and sign books. An excellent place to have a spot of lunch or just a drink, then enjoy the fantastic views of the Solent as Southampton Water breaks free! A place seeped in history for the RNAS, the Schneider Trophy and memories for some of the Sunderland taking off towards the end of WW2.

4. ‘Bookiful’ Event Number Four!

WHERE? The Shuttleworth Collection near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

WHAT? Book signing and talking to people in the book/ gift shop 

After 2pm I will be relaxing and enjoying the air display with family and friends. Not only is it a great day out but good to support Shuttleworth, who continue to work tirelessly to make living history!


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4 responses to “A ‘Bookiful’ Weekend of Events!

  1. Nicky Miller

    Have a great weekend Diana, sounds really exciting. Hope lots of people come, sorry can’t be there as we have people staying, but I will be thinking of you. xx Nicky

  2. Lorna Joy

    Hello Diana
    I am really looking forward to Shuttleworth this weekend. Can’t wait to read Ancasta. I enjoyed it the first time I read it and I am now looking forward to reading any changes made. Diana, you have so much to be proud of. Your writing is beautiful. Lorna

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