Eventispress ~ Distribution of Ancasta and on line relaunch

Eventispress is publishing ‘The Riduna Series’ including my first novel:


And the second in the series:


 If you click on each book it will take you to Amazon, but although the new version of Riduna is now in stock, Ancasta is still Temporarily out of stock.

As the author I am finding this very frustrating, because I have been told by customers that it has taken up to three weeks for Ancasta to arrive. I have been reassured by the distributors that there is no problem, but that the books are taking a long time to reach and be placed on the Amazon system, but that it should be rectified shortly.

My second frustration, as an author, is that someone is still supplying Amazon with copies of the original version of Riduna, even though I was assured that they were pulped. Please, please, please, buy the new version if you would like to. I get no royalties whatsoever now, for any of the ‘blue’ covered version, and selling it is against copyright, since Eventispress now have sole permission to print the novel.

Here is their website

www.eventispress.com               or                      www.eventispress.co.uk

Any enquiries can be sent directly to them at enquiries@eventispress.co.uk.  Both novels are:

~already available in some independent bookshops including Guernsey and Alderney

~can be ordered by bookshops through Gardners and Bertrams

~can be ordered in any bookshop in the UK

~ can be ordered for outside the UK through enquires@eventispress.co.uk

~can be ordered on line at Waterstones, Blackwells and many other on line book stores.

Ancasta should be available any day now but, due to these distribution difficulties,  my publicist has suggested an online relaunch date of

Saturday September 15th for Ancasta Guide me Swiftly Home!

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