A salutary lesson…..Never rush a blog post or a comment!

I was checking the statistics of my blog posts just now and was surprised to see that the post:

‘Legends and Folktales ~The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter’ came near the top, alongside ‘Can you Snuggle in Bed with a Kindle’ and ‘I feel somebody has pressed the pause button on my life.’ Strange I thought.

Are school children in the country doing projects on lighthouses?

Is the school on Alderney researching it’s own folklore?

You see, it is not just in at a particular moment in time but the same post pops up as having been read fairly regularly. This prompted me to return to read the post which, incidentally,  I wrote back in April 2011.

The post said nothing remarkable. It is a story I know well but it never seems to lose its charm, of a lighthouse keeper’s daughter who was born on les Casquets, a rock just off the coast of the island of Alderney. It goes on to talk about population trends and gives a link to an article about the benefits of moving to Alderney. Maybe that’s the reason why there is an unusually high number of readers, those who are looking for a simpler life, away from the rat race, on a beautiful island within fairly easy reach of the UK. (If only I could) Ah, it began to make sense.

Then I checked through the article and that seemed to be fine but

Ouch! Then I checked the comments.

One of the last light house keeper’s on les Casquets had taken the trouble to let me know that the name of the young girl was Rosebud, an unusual name since she lived on a rock, with no roses in sight. Unfortunately I must have been in a hurry when I wrote the reply because, I’m ashamed to say, that there were no less than two mistakes in my short but polite reply. Oh dear.

It was a salutary lesson and I’m sure my blush sent waves back through my newly acquired Wi Fi. As writer’s we compose blog posts, sometimes when our mind is on other things, but we need to remember:

Our blog is like a showcase to the world

Many posts may be read and thought little of

A few of our posts will have an impact but

Grammatical or punctuation mistakes will certainly be remembered and come back and haunt us.

Will anyone else admit to making mistakes which embarrass them?


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2 responses to “A salutary lesson…..Never rush a blog post or a comment!

  1. Brodie

    Im know I have many mistakes taht I have been embarres about, but when put on the spot I cant think of them… So I will think and come back to you.

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