One Door Closes and Another Door Opens

Hi folks. It’s been a tough week for a lot of reasons, as much to do with my work life teaching three days per week, as it is to do with my book life. I can’t say much about what is stressing me out at work because that would be unprofessional but suffice it to say that the best way to describe my state of mind when approaching last weekend was ‘burnt out!’

I had a dream about a week ago and since I rarely remember dreams I was surprised when this one popped back into my head on Saturday. I dreamt that I had broken my key in the ignition of my car and just couldn’t go anywhere. Apocryphal or what?

Last Wednesday I had a message on my answer phone when I got home from work at about 7.15pm that the Yacht in Wooston had only just discovered that it would not be the most suitable time to visit them this Sunday for the book signing and could I change the date?

Then, on Thursday I headed down the M1 in the hopes of visiting the archives in Kingston and my elderly friend in Surbiton, when I was caught up in a queue of on accident on the M1. I took a quick decision to come off at Dunstable rather than remain in the queue. After all, unless I arrived at the archives at around 10am, then it was hardly worth my while and it was already approaching 9am. I stopped at Tesco’s to gather my thoughts and felt so dizzy that I had to sit down. Relieved to be home an hour later I made the decision to cancel Sunday. After all, I had to drive myself down to Southampton and back on my own and could not guarantee my health. I would have gone of course, had I not received that phone call the previous evening but by Sunday, having slept 12 hours on Saturday night, it all made sense.

Thus two journeys were curtailed in a matter of a few days. (Key broken in the ignition!)

It also spurred me on to telephone a couple of the shops in Woolston, who I thought might be interested in selling signed copies of Ancasta. The people I spoke to were so positive and encouraging and were more than happy to say yes! So, if you’re in Woolston, Southampton and would like a signed copy of my book or would like to buy it as a gift for someone at Christmas then please pop in to either:


on Victoria Street, where you can also order Christmas Hampers, any item you can think of for a Christmas or New Year party and much much more. (and signed copies of my book of course)



in the Portsmouth Road where you can buy that special gift for someone who appreciates crafts and there’s signed copies of my book for sale too!

So I’d like to apologise, but also to say thank you to the people of Woolston for being so supportive. Finally, here’s the cover of my book which should jolt any memories of those who have lived in Wooston for a while, or those with family roots there like myself.ISBN9780957252004If you’d rather read the novel on Kindle then click the book cover above and it will take you to the correct page.

And finally, yes, I’m feeling a lot better, thank you. I’m ready to face another week at the rock face and just taking it steadily today too.

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