A Bank Holiday Moment on Alderney before I Resume my Virtual Tour

Many people I’ve been in touch with didn’t feel up to writing a piece for my competition but instead they shared with me their favourite spots on Alderney. Here are their interesting and varied answers:

Em’ said that he loves walking his dog along the path from Platte Saline to Clonque because the sea is wild, scenery rugged and you often never see a soul.

M’ said that his favourite spot was Cachaliere Pier.  ‘It was a bit of a scramble but it was there I saw Granville Fritilliaries whilst soaking up the sun. Mind you the cliff top walk along from Longy was lovely too.’

B’ said that she loved coming back to the hotel in the evening and popping up to the terrace at The Harbour Lights and just enjoying the end of the day looking over Braye Beach.

V’ said that the Black Rocks at Saye Bay was one of his best fishing spots and he held wonderful memories of many happy hours there.

J’ described the views from the clifftops over Telegraph Bay, especially when you can look over to the other islands of Guernsey and Sark.

P’ said his place is locally known as the Frying Pan Battery at Longy Bay, part of the Victorian defenses.  With views over the long sweeping bay over to Fort Raz and France in the distance, it’s a wonderful place for a walk, take the dogs for a run or just to sit.

S’ said ‘6 of us went to Alderney from Torquay on a boat called the Devonian ALDERNEY was sweltering and the Steam Train was kind of cute.’

J’ said ‘My wife goes to Spain but why should I want to go away for a holiday? I have all I want right here.’

And my favourite spot? That’s difficult because there are so many, but the top one must be standing on Douglas Quay at Braye looking out across the beach towards Fort Albert and out to sea, imagining all those travellers arriving at this idyllic spot over the centuries. And my favourite bay has to be Corblets and Arch. On a sunny day you can’t beat them anywhere in the world. Magic!

Looking out over  Braye Beach

Looking out over
Braye Beach

I asked another islander E’ and she wrote, ‘everywhere on Alderney, but my most favourite must be sitting in my garden weeds and all!

I’d like to thank everyone for sharing.

And what is your favourite spot on Alderney or memory of a special visit?I’d love to hear from you either as a comment on this blog or an email diana@dianamaryjackson.co.uk.


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7 responses to “A Bank Holiday Moment on Alderney before I Resume my Virtual Tour

  1. On twitter….’hi Diana , that’s a hard one, just about everywhere, but I think by the lighthouse must be one of my favourite spots.’

    Thanks P.
    Anymore anyone?

  2. p smith

    love all of Alderney!

  3. p smith

    by the lighthouse i remember 40 years ago camping in a field by the lighthouse a bit noisy!
    i am off to Alderney September and when i revisit the island i will no doubt have a favourite part to report although what
    a hard task it will be finding out which bit i like the best!

    • Enjoy Sean! We often go in the autumn and have lovely weather but we went in April this year. Hasn’t changed. Please let me know what you think when you get back. Yes I should think it was noisy by the lighthouse but I think it was silenced last year. 100yrs old she is. Enjoy! Diana

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