A Touching Review ~ Don’t forget to let authors know what you think!!

I received a timely email at the weekend and it gave me a bit of a confidence boost at a time when work has been so difficult that I’ve found it hard to concentrate on my writing. You know the times, when you feel so stressed that your brain feels befuddled and the usual garden therapy didn’t shift it either. Anyway this is what Sheila wrote:

Dear Diana As an avid reader of many years ,a member of Woolston library since I was eight, I have never written to an author before, but felt that I must thank you for your books.I have always lived near Woolston, and so enjoyed walking the streets with you, I also love the Channel Islands and have visited them all on many holidays, so your books were made for me.I rationed myself else I would have read them too quickly but they will be worth a second read, as I often do with good books, reading has always been one of my greatest pleasures and now that I am retired I can indulge even more.Please when will the next book be out I cant wait.

Best wishes Sheila C.

Now, Sheila must have borrowed both ‘Riduna’ and ‘Ancasta Guide me Swiftly Home’ from Woolston Library and so I was even more touched that she took the trouble to write. It’s a good reminder to all of us. It doesn’t take two minutes to write, whether it’s on Amazon, Goodreads or through a personal email but it means a great deal to an author struggling for recognition. So, many thanks the Sheila, and others like her. You lifted my spirits and helped to put my brain back on tack!

In answer to Sheila’s question, realistically the third in the series will be out in will be 2014. I intend to do the bulk of the research in the next few months and start writing alongside. Meanwhile, my first murder mystery will be out hopefully by August….not part of the Riduna Series I know, but it does have links with the Channel Islands, so watch this space. Mind you, my husband wants me to have a bit of a break this summer too!

Do you always remember to let authors know that you enjoyed their novel or write a review? It means so much:-)

ps I received a tweet today. Another cheery response, only this time to Norman’s memoirs…’The Life and Demise of Norman Campbell.’ Only takes 30seconds to write if that:-)

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