Ancasta, a review of the novel by Diana Jackson

The Friends of Weston Shore, Southampton have written this review of Ancasta Guide me Swiftly Home. I’ll be down at West Quay Waterstones Southampton this Saturday 12th between 11am and 1 pm. Please come and say hello and many thanks for this wonderful review!

Friends of Weston Shore

It is widely believed that when the Roman Empire ruled these lands, an area near or on what is now known as Bitterne Manor was a settlement called Clausentum.  Whilst this belief about Clausentum and its location is not universally upheld, what is clear is that there was a Roman settlement in this area. One of the priceless treasures that reveals this truth is an inscription from those times, a dedication to the goddess Ancasta, the deity associated with the River Itchen.

The derivation of the name Ancasta, it is speculated, maybe from an older word for swift.  With the name of the goddess as the title for her new novel, Diana Jackson continues chronicling the lives of some of her characters from her previous book Riduna.  With the hand of time moving on relentlessly in her narrative, she takes us along for the ride in seeing…

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