Who am I? ~ My Personal Journey into Writing ~ The Next Phase

In the last couple of weeks I feel I’ve been nudged towards the next phase in my personal journey as a writer..

1.Admitting that’s what I am…. ‘a writer and author.’

A person is defined less by who they are than what they do.”

I have been teaching for nearly 30 years and being a teacher defined who I was. As my writing became increasingly important, it began to take over my life, so much so that I made the decision to work part time for several years to attempt to keep a home~work~writing life balance. Being offered redundancy from teaching was that gift to nudge me towards my new path my life. 

2. Running a publishing company ~ the next stage ~ a cooperative

When I entered the world of publishing I did not realise I had so much to learn but it has been a wonderful experience and I feel proud of all I’ve achieved.  Recently though, I have been nudged to think with a more business like hat. I no longer have a regular income to fall back on, so I’ve had to begin to make some tough decisions. What is the most cost effective way of publishing but still have quality? How can I cut distribution costs? If I arrange this event will I be able to cover costs, diesel for example?

I’ve also been approached by a couple of people for some support and guidance which is prompting me to think through my strategies for making a cooperative work. This needs serious consideration. Am I ready for this next step?

3.  Am I self publishing to be discovered? 

Many authors self publish to be noticed by main stream publishers. To forgive a cliche here ‘I’ll cross that bridge when……’ Anyway, at the moment I see self publishing as a way of being empowered to write and publish novels to reach the greatest possible audience but now I also see myself empowering other along the way.

My aim will always be to produce the best novel I can at any given moment, in the most professional manner; One that could stand happily on a bookshelf alongside a mainstream novel.

4. My personal retreat from the world as I knew it ~ The gift of space and time to make it work

I’ve not only been nudged I’ve been truly blessed, in fact my journey has taken on a surreal quality which I’m so excited about and will share with you in a few months time. Cryptic I know but I have my reasons.

Fortunately this change coincided with leaving my teaching post and so has helped enormously with the withdrawal symptoms I knew I’d feel back in September at the time I would have been returning to work. You see, I not only had to redefine myself as a person but to let go of who I was. If you have a friend, spouse or parent who is a teacher (doctor …nurse…) You will understand what I mean. No more preparation, endless paperwork, marking, thinking about a multitude of other lives, sleepless nights trying to resolve issues…working out how I could make a difference to a life, a future. This change could have been traumatic except for the fact that I’ve retreated from the world as I knew it. Life has become an adventure…one I’m excited about but one that has given me the space to pursue my dreams.



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4 responses to “Who am I? ~ My Personal Journey into Writing ~ The Next Phase

  1. Redundancy can be a blessing in disguise sometimes. Good luck with all of it. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, but you’ll go far with it I’m sure!

    • Thanks Tania I think once you’ve chosen a particular road you just have to go for it with enthusiasm….You learn along the way. All the best with your journey too….patience, determination and confidence…..that’s what we need:-)

  2. It’s a whole new world, Diana! In my experience writing is the best part – publishing and marketing the most difficult in that it can take over your writing life. So best of luck with your journey – may it bring as much satisfaction to you as it has to me.

    • Thanks Ann
      It’s exciting but can be overwhelming at times. There’s nothing like getting back into a writing project though. Then the rest of the real world just seems to evaporate and I’m lost in my own. All the best Diana

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