Murder Mystery Cover Competition ~Entries from North Herts College, Hitchin

As explained fully in my previous post, some students of North Herts College have risen to the challenge of designing a book cover for my murder mystery which will be published shortly. I have been  impressed by their enthusiastic response. Although only a few have managed to produce a version in time for the competition,  I know from emails that many more have attempted the task.  I am also sure that the experience for all will have be valuable.

Here are the covers submitted. Many folk have commented on Facebook over the last week but I would appreciate any constructive feedback. Which do you like best and why? What don’t you like?

Cover A

Cover A

Murder Now and Then C

Cover B

Cover C

Cover C

Only an e cover submitted on Cover C above but that’s fine for now.

Cover D

Cover D

Please remember that these are draft proposed covers and that the students have worked extremely hard to produce their first ever book cover designs. I am impressed with their ideas and the way they have interpreted my specifications in such a varied way. I would appreciate your positive feedback and constructive criticism; in fact any comments which would make an interesting fledgling design a great one!

The final decision will be made by members of The Ampthill Writers during the coming week. Watch this space!



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4 responses to “Murder Mystery Cover Competition ~Entries from North Herts College, Hitchin

  1. Heidi Gallichan

    Hi there Diana. All in all for me it would be a choice between B and D. All things taken into consideration though I think I would choose D partly because it has your synopsis on the back. I like the font on of the Title too and that it mentions the main area of action is Bedfordshire. All in all a nice clean crisp cover which tells you what you want to know. Well done to all though….it is a brave thing to expose yourself to the easy criticism of strangers. We all have such wide and varied tastes which if nothing else will help the students to appreciate what a difficult task it is to market anything to the general public!! I wonder how things might be affected if you were aiming a book cover at other countries too, rather than just the UK…..or should we be considering that possibility too!

    • Many thanks for the feedback Heidi. Much appreciated and thank you for your encouragement and participation this week. It has been fun as well as thought provoking. In the end we all have our points of views and they are all so different. All the best

  2. aliceinwritingland

    Hi Diana, They’re all brilliant, but I think Cover C is my favourite – it appeals to me as it looks very atmospheric and intriguing. Hope it all goes really well 🙂

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