Murder, Now and Then ~ Book Launch

My murder mystery

MURDER, Now and Then

Murder nowthen final modify 1

set mainly in the heart of Bedfordshire -with links to Jersey and Alderney –  will be launched on

Kindle on 22nd April 2014!

Set in the future in  2019, a farmer’s wife is accused of murdering her husband, but the plot becomes decidedly more complicated and sinister when an unsolved murder in 1919 becomes inextricably linked. We are introduced to descendants of those involved in the 1919 case as the police try to unravel which clues are relevant, which are purely coincidence and which are there to confuse and mystify!

Why first on Kindle?

Up until now I have always had real events to launch my novels – followed up by book signings – special times to meet friends, family and above all readers.

This time I’m doing it differently. Why?

  • because I appreciate the power of on line marketing
  • because I understand the power of reviews, on Amazon especially
  • because I hope my readers on line will join in the buzz and help me to promote my novel by passing on feedback to their followers and friends

How will it happen?

I intend to send a newsletter out very soon but the main launch event will be on Facebook and Twitter over three days. Following the success of the feedback to my book cover competition, I hope that all my supporters and followers will take part and enjoy the fun. More details soon!

Many thanks to Will Smith, a student at North Herts College, who designed and was one of the winners of my cover competition. His design will feature on my Kindle novel.


Will there be a paperback?

Of course! I believe in paperbacks and real events where I meet readers face-to-face, and I will still be taking part in these later in the summer. I also believe in the wider market beyond Amazon and the paperback will be made available for orders from bookshops and libraries too.

I have enjoyed hearing from readers who have borrowed my books from libraries, mainly in Hampshire and Bedfordshire and am flattered that a few of you have taken the trouble to get in touch with me.

My aim is for the paperback to be launched in June 2014 both on Amazon and at real events, so I look forward to seeing some of you patient people then!

Will the cover be the same?

No. I will be revealing the paperback cover shortly but the designer is still working on the final finishing touches.

Watch this space!




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2 responses to “Murder, Now and Then ~ Book Launch

  1. Very cool! I’m looking forward to the launch.

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