‘INTRIGUING ~ MYSTERIOUS ~ COMPLEX’ – ‘Murder, now and then’ is out now in paperback

It is exciting to announce that the paperback version of ‘Murder, now and then’ is now available on Amazon.co.uk and on Amazon.com

It will take another month (July 2014) before it is available to order from bookshops or for libraries unless directly from the publisher at enquiries@eventispress.co.uk

The cover is designed by Emma Black from North Herts College, Hitchin.

'Murder, now and then' paperback version

‘Murder, now and then’ paperback version


This very British murder mystery is set in 2019, with  flashbacks to 1919.

At the end of WW1 in woods beside an army training camp near the village of Haynes, Bedfordshire, Lucille Vardon, a lass from Jersey, was murdered. Although many theories were discussed, a colonel stood trial but was acquitted and another man in Canada allegedly confessed to the murder – no one was actually convicted for the crime. So far the novel ‘Murder, now and then’  is based on this actual murder although the names have been changed.

One hundred years later in 2019, at an imaginary farm near Haynes Park, when life in Britain has altered but not unrecognisably so, a farmer’s wife Joanna is accused of murdering her husband. As the plot unravels, the police cannot ignore the numerous coincidences and  unlikely links with the original murder in 1919.

‘Murder, now and then’ explores man’s compulsive desire to delve into family history, even though it sometimes uncovers hidden and powerful truths which can have far reaching affects on the present and future. Truly the ‘Sins of the fathers……

The novel also explores the best of Bedfordshire from Diana’s perspective, an area of the country often passed by travelling up the M1 or A1, but one which the author feels should be celebrated,  though the novel should appeal to anyone who loves a good murder mystery.


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