Clophill History Discovery Walks by Colin Watt

A friend emailed over the holidays sending me a link to a walk around Clophill he’d enjoyed. Led by my curiosity for everything ‘history’ and ‘countryside’ related I was excited to read one of Colin Watt’s Discovery Walks –  e-leaflets – and I thought it perfect to share this with you, alongside my virtual tour of Bedfordshire.

I knew Colin Watt through a local magazine called Spotlight where he shares interesting snippets he’s gleaned about his local history research. I can recommend these leaflets because they provide up to date information about available pathways in the area and what to look out for en-route from a historical perspective.

You can find the leaflets on this link:

Clophill History – Discovery Walks

It is Walk no 4, Clophill to Haynes, which will take you past many places pertinent to my novel ‘Murder Now and Then’ from the Village Green at Clophill by the Flying Horse and The Green Man, through to The Stone Jug, up the Slade, over the fields to Haynes Church End and passing Haynes Park. From there you take a path to the village of Haynes and passing The Greyhound, or pausing a wee while for lunch, then you find a path across to Appley Corner and Chicksands Wood. This leads back towards the Old Church at Clophill and you are nearly where you began your walk.

I learnt information previous unknown to me, for example about the obelisk, of which I was aware. It was in memory of “George Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax,(1716-1771) who was a British statesman of the Georgian era. He helped to found Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia.”

(My great great grandfather was a sea captain who was lost at sea travelling to Nova Scotia back in the middle of the nineteenth century. It is a place I would love to visit, inspired by my father who has been carrying out extensive research about this gentleman, who left my great grandmother an orphan on the island of Alderney. His wife was travelling with him at the time and also perished.)

Returning to Walk 4, if you have read ‘Murder, Now and Then’ you will be walking in footsteps close to many of my characters. If you haven’t yet read it then, if you do the walk you might be inspired to do so. It is a murder mystery with a sense of family and local history.

Here’s a link to  its latest five star review. *****

Available on Kindle and in paperback


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2 responses to “Clophill History Discovery Walks by Colin Watt

    • I’ve often seen people clutching a piece of paper, peering at places along the High Street on Clophill. Now I know what they are looking at. Thanks Colin and for your support on Sunday. best wishes

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