Snowdrops ~ Is it Bennington Lordship or Anglesey Abbey? ~ no, it’s Shefford in Bedfordshire!

Chicksands Snowdrop Trail

Friends asked us last week if we’d like to join them on a snowdrop walk. We’ve enjoyedDSCN1806[1] the delights of Bennington Lordship and Anglesey Abbey in the past but were surprised to be told that we would only be driving a few miles from where we lived, to Shefford in Mid Bedfordshire. Choosing the day in the week which held the most promise, we agreed to meet today, Tuesday. True to forecast the sun has shone all day and the sky has remained a crisp clear winter blue.

I’d often noticed people walking in woods near the entrance to the Chicksands Base andDSCN1802[2] Priory but never stopped. Parking a little way into the village of Shefford and taking care to cross the busy A600, we entered the woods beside the roundabout with the A507.?????????? Within a couple of minutes a bank of snowdrops fell before us and soon we were not only following a snowdrop trail but a delightful wood carving one too.

There were blankets of tiny white beauties at every turn, some areas more striking than others and with the sunshine penetrating the canopy above, it was a lovely walk and quite a surprise to so close to our home in Bedfordshire. If I’d known about it I might have included it in my murder mystery ~ only joking 🙂




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9 responses to “Snowdrops ~ Is it Bennington Lordship or Anglesey Abbey? ~ no, it’s Shefford in Bedfordshire!

  1. Pat

    Enjoyed taking the walk with you, Diana. It was refreshing to see the snowdrops and wood carvings on the paths out there in the woods. I love seeing different parts of God’s Earth and, though, it may be different there are many similarities, as well. Thank you for sharing these little gems with us. 🙂

  2. Well I didn’t know about those snowdrops. Have not walked through there at the right time of year. Looks like there will be lots of foxgloves latter on. Another good place for foxgloves is Rowney Warren. There is a large area near the A600 that has been cleared of trees and there is a huge carpet of foxgloves (if you go at the right time). Also Bluebells in Pedley Wood and Maulden Wood.

    • We’ve seen bluebells and even orchids in Pedley Wood but finding such an abundance of snowdrops yesterday was delightful Colin and we too thought to pop down later to see how the foxgloves are doing. Thanks for dropping by on my blog. Diana

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