Warm Welcome at Shefford Library Yesterday Evening

Shefford Library Talk

Shefford Library Talk

Last night I gave my first talk about ‘Murder, now and then’ held at Shefford Library in Mid Bedfordshire. As a teacher of 25 years I shouldn’t have been so nervous but I was. I was soon put at ease by the warm welcome by the staff Jacqui and Jill. Then, as people drifted in I recognised a couple I used to know when I started my teaching career in the area 25 years ago!

More relaxed now I shared the story of my inspiration to write ‘Murder, now and then’, set in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside – how I carried out my extensive research, planning and writing, through to working with editors to iron out glitches and inconsistencies and finally the proof reading.

They were interested by the journey  of my research and amused by my visit to a farm where cows are milked by robots. We discussed the book cover, designed by a student at North Herts College, and most liked it finding it intriguing, although there was one comment that maybe for a murder mystery it wasn’t dark enough for traditional publishing companies.

Many questions and a time to chat over a cup of tea took us nearly to 8.30 pm when I was very aware that the staff had given up their valuable evening to to support me and I am truly grateful. Life of an author is not an easy path, even though I feel truly blessed to be spending my time following my dream. I cannot imagine life without writing.

I am back at Shefford on 26th March, this time to continue my journey into publishing and Brian Kerr, the author of ‘An Unassuming County ~ The Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside‘ will be my guest speaker.


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13 responses to “Warm Welcome at Shefford Library Yesterday Evening

  1. rod

    I’m glad this went so well. You clearly had an excellent audience.

  2. Congratulations Diana. Sounds like you had a great reception.

  3. Congrats!! I dream doing exactly this for my book!! I can’t wait to check out your book! 🙂 So happy to have found you!

  4. Congrats! It must have been a great feeling! I hope to one day, give talks about my books too 🙂

  5. There’s nothing like meeting people who’ve read, or want to read, your book, is there? Glad it went so well.

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