Internet Free Fortnight ~ That’s two weeks for those over the pond!

Kinghorn Fife

Kinghorn Fife

I’ve just enjoyed an internet free break staying with friends in Kinghorn, Fife, where we lived for a year. At first it was difficult. On our first trip to the nearest wee toon, Kirkcaldy, (pronouced Kirkawdy) I hinted popping into M & S or Costa for a coffee so that I could just have a peep – only to check my emails – you understand. My hubby peered at me knowingly. He didn’t have to say ‘you promised.’ It was written all over his face. I did sneak into WH Smith’s though, to pick up a copy of Writers’ Forum, but strangely enough I did not open it until I got home.

The magic of Kinghorn and Pettycur worked its wonders. The weather helped since the sun shone at some point almost every day and on many mornings the sun greeted us over the estuary as we awoke.

On the first day I was left to my own devices. Hubby went to have a golf lesson with a friend over in Inverkeithing. For me it was just like being back on retreat. I stopped to have a cuppa and chat at the Wee Shoppe, then ambled up the Braes and down to Pettycur, breathing in the oh so unforgettable view from the tiny harbour. Then I walked up the cliff steps, just to prove I could and was proud that I only paused to catch my breath once. At the top it was well worth it. The view over towards The Forth Rail Bridge was stunning.

A stranger sat next to me and we had a wee blether, as you do. It was so refreshing to share our stories as to why we DSCN2512[1]loved that spot.

I must admit having a wee wobble in the afternoon when I glanced at the opening times of the library. I could have just popped on to Facebook and Twitter. No-one would have known – but it was Monday and the library was closed that afternoon. Saved!

I was so upset to hear that Kinghorn Library faces closure. While living up there I often popped in and still am a member. It is central to community life, attached to the thriving community centre. It has good access for wheelchairs and pushchairs, lots of safe parking and is a vital resource for young and the elderly and the access to computers is also vital for those seeking work so that they do not have to pay bus fares into Kirkcaldy.

Why, why, why? What a waste and a sad day for British history. I feel as if we are denying future generations their birthright – easy access to good literature – particularly distressing for the folks of Kinghorn. I wish them every luck in their campaign against the closure.

Well Kinghorn and Pettycur, I thank you for your warm welcome, your humour and good cheer. We felt truly blessed!


Do you ever have internet free days, weeks …?

How do you get on?

Now what have I got to do next. I’ve written a blog post, popped on to Twitter and read a few posts on Facebook. Now to catch up on Goodreads, Linkedin and my various email address … bfn


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5 responses to “Internet Free Fortnight ~ That’s two weeks for those over the pond!

  1. Individual lIbraries in the United States seem threatened from time to time but the city or county library systems seem to grow. What has diminished over the past 30 years is the size of book collections. Here libraries are social services. I believe this is why there are so many book clubs. We have privatized our reading. Good or bad? I would be interested to know what other readers think.

  2. Like you Diana, I worry about the loss of all our libraries. As you have said in your post, they are often the centres of small communities, not just a place to borrow books or use a computer. Also, on that score, there are still lots of people who cannot afford internet access and the library is their only means of accessing a computer or such like device. And even though I have been partially converted to ebooks, nothing beats having an actual book to read, libraries are so important to keep our nation reading. Finally, the shutting of our libraries will also cause quite large job losses nationwide.
    BTW Well done for going without the internet for a fortnight, and I enjoyed reading the rest of your post.

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