Many Thanks to Heather More for the Lovely Watercolour Cover

Watercolour by Heather More

Watercolour by Heather More

Authentic and quirky ~ Heather More’s watercolour of Pettycur caught my eye for my new tome. I wanted an informal cover which summed up my life in Fife and bearing in mind we lived in Kinghorn throughout the winter of 2013, 2014, this was just right.

Heather More is a Scottish artist who trained in Glasgow but is now living in Barcelona. She is the daughter of a lovely neighbour of mine who talked of her so proudly – rightly so! I was browsing through the link to her website one day and saw this painting of Pettycur Bay, a view I looked at every day from our lounge window in the flat which we were renting for a year.

As soon as I spotted it I thought – PERFECT!

I sent Heather an email and asked if she could possibly add a figure with a ruck-sack wearing a cerise bobble hat – me! So here we are. Wonderful.

Many a time I used to put on my hat and gloves and go for a walk along the beach, or pause a wee while sitting on the rocks in the winter sunshine sheltered by the cliff. Walking further along the coastal path I’d have my ruck-sack on too, for a bottle of water, sandwich and my wet weather gear. I’d set off, sometime on my own but frequently with my husband on his days off.

From Redundancy to Rejuvenation tells my story but in quite a different way ~ more news soon (if you’ll excuse the pun) will be available initially in paperback from Amazon from 23rd November.


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9 responses to “Many Thanks to Heather More for the Lovely Watercolour Cover

  1. That’s a fantastic watercolour Diana, no wonder you wanted to use it for your new book, it looks perfect for the cover 🙂 And the book itself sounds great too 🙂

  2. I didn’t read your post properly Diana, that’s excellent that she added a drawing of you as well!! 🙂 (I was just looking at Heather’s website and noticed there was no figure on the beach of the original)

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