UK Indie Lit Fest 2016

In the next couple of months I will be writing several posts about this exciting summer writing event to be held in July.

Individual writers and authors from small indie press are travelling from all over the country to be at the first festival of this kind in the UK. (as far as I know)

The best place to keep in touch and find out more information is on their

Facebook page

but there’s lots of information about participating authors and the rationale behind the event on their website

It is free but you do need a ticket to attend. My next post will give more details and share some links of contributing authors.

Watch this space!


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8 responses to “UK Indie Lit Fest 2016

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  2. That sounds like a really great idea for all of you independent writers and aspiring writers 🙂 Hopefully Diana, you’ll get to meet a few wordpress bloggers at such an event 🙂

  3. This comes as news to me, so thanks a lot Diana.

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